Humanising Healthcare

People | Place | Purpose

“I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” -Brené Brown


Humanising Healthcare is a topic which explores how we create new, sustainable business models which place humans at the heart of the bottom line. The audience will journey through workforce trends, innovation and organisational challenges. They will explore organisational trust, responsible leadership, intelligent optimism, adaptability and creativity – vital elements needed by the future workforce. Audiences will walk away from this presentation understanding the power they have to change the narrative within their organisations through their daily interactions. The presentation sets up the mood of the workshop and creates a safe place for reflection, discussion and creative thinking.

The Workshop

The world of healthcare is rapidly evolving and the pandemic has served to highlight the importance of adaptable and collaborative management of people and teams. The old systems are failing to support a rapidly changing world and the pandemic has highlighted existing problems facing our healthcare workers. The organisations who can adapt and flexibly shift to focus on precision people management will be ones with the most profitable, productive and sustainable workforce. They will be the organisations who are future fit and continue to thrive in times of flux and change.

The intent of this workshop is to encourage flexible and open thinking amongst your leadership group to develop new ideas and strategies and unlock the potential of employees. Topics covered:

  • Understanding employee needs (Personal, Place, Purpose)
  • Defining responsible leadership (Inclusion, Intuition, Insight)
  • Cultivating organisational health and positive organisational citizenship

Workshop Structure

  • Creativity activity
  • Question / Answer
  • Individual thinking and reflection
  • Group discussion

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