Threesticks Interview with Shaun Cronin – What is an IPC?

Rhea chats with Shaun Cronin, Founder and Director of RTW Connections. Shaun taps into over 10 years experience as a case manager and injury management specialist to shed some light on Independent Physiotherapy Consultations.

  1. What is an IPC
  2. Why would a claims manager refer for an IPC? What information are you seeking when referring to an IPC?
  3. What is the actual process of arranging an IPC?
  4. What advice would you give to allied health professionals when they speak with an IPC?
  5. Is an IPC inevitable? Are there ways to reduce the likelihood of it happening?

Connect with Shaun
Phone: 0481 211 885

Presentation for Injured Workers Well-Being Week 2021 (in association with Craig’s Table)

Rhea talks to the injured worker community about treatments and what questions to ask to ensure the best service and quality with treatments.

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