We all need community to thrive and safe spaces to think out loud.

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Why have a mentor?

A Mentor helps you focus on your, your needs, your wants and your goals. It allows you a place to think out loud, reflect and and discover what is important to you.

Mentors can give you guidance, be a sounding board and create a safe space to chat about your ideas, dreams and goals.

We all need a community to thrive and safe spaces to explore, create and imagine without judgement or fear. Threesticks Mentoring gives people a safe space to experiment, explore, created and imagine.

Mentoring allows us to learn from one another, share our experiences and knowledge, and help you find a pathway to your goals.

We understand the value of mentorship, because we have our own mentors. Our team are surrounded by a community who have and continue to help shape us as professionals and as humans.

Mentoring encourages us to be better, to work smarter, to experiment and to fail, to do what is right, to follow our intuition, to challenge the norm, and just to be all around good humans.

Threesticks offers a Mentoring programs and single sessions for new graduates, for those entering the world of healthcare and for those who just want to chat about their ideas, their careers, and their lives.

Rhea Mercado is a Healthcare Humanist our current mentor and we hope to add more mentors to the program. She understands the value of building community and having mentors, people whom she can turn to and a network she can immediately tap into to answer questions, chat about ideas, lean against during hard time, and to laugh and celebrate with.

Our mentoring specialities

  • Creating safe spaces to experiment, explore, create and imagine new ways to personalise your work flow
  • Supporting you through a career in healthcare and personal injury 
  • How to keep your passion and to thrive in the industry
  • Leading with compassion and humanity in your work
  • How to develop a simple, common-sense and caring approach to healthcare  
  • Help you improve your knowledge of the personal injury schemes
  • Maintaining your well-being and energy outside of work
  • Exploring and working through challenges in your career

Threesticks is more than just mentoring. It is a community.

The 12-Session Program

Threesticks Mentoring Program includes 12 x 60-minute sessions. The frequency and duration of sessions will vary depending on the mentee’s goals, needs, and upon the agreement made between the mentor and the mentee.

The mentee will be required to keep a Record of Mentorship to document each session, reflect upon the sessions, and complete any activities in preparation for the following session.

The program is generally guided by the mentee, and is focused on their goals and what they hope to achieve from the sessions.

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Individual Sessions

If you have an idea, want to brainstorm or looking for some advice, you can purchase an individual session here. Each session is 1.5 hours.

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Mentees say the darndest things…