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What is this?

The On Demand Online workshops are live events facilitated by Rhea Mercado using a video conference platform.

Each workshop is a one-hour fully interactive workshop which includes open chat and Q&A. The workshops are designed to encourage participants to ask questions, challenge their processes, share experiences and discuss any specific situations and cases.

Why “on demand”

We saw a need for providing on demand online workshops because not everyone can make it to our scheduled courses. Now, you can choose the workshop you want, and attend at a time and the date which works for you.

It also means you can now access our training from anywhere in Australia.

Why do these workshops?

To level up your skills in compensation and personal injury.

These workshops are for anyone who works in and around workers compensation or who is thinking of entering the compensation industry or want to level up their knowledge of the scheme.

Each workshop is centred around a theme with participants then “choosing their own adventure” as to what they want to learn and focus on around that theme.

Each workshop is presented live, relaxed, fully interactive and includes open chat and Q&A which encourages you to challenge your current process, experiment with ideas, find ways to personalise your work, improve your technical prowess and your soft skills.

Rhea Mercado is a leading expert in occupational rehabilitation training and education. She has spent more than 15 years decoding rehabilitation and recovery and has worked in worked in healthcare and personal injury for most of her career. She is focused on creating a safe space for learning, exploring and experimenting to once again humanise healthcare.

How much does it cost?

Each workshop is $150 (incl. GST)

You can have up to four people in each workshop to spread the cost across your friends and your team.

How does it work?

1. Find and purchase the course you want

2. When we receive your order, we’ll contact you to arrange at time and date and provide you with login details

3. Login at your scheduled time

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