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About this course

Learn how to effectively translate principles within the Clinical Framework for Delivery of Health Services to obtain support for your treatment plan.

Why you should do this workshop

Want to learn how to obtain support and approval for your treatment plans? This two-hour course aims to provide an overview of the main roles of the Allied Health Professional within the workers compensation and personal injury schemes.

This course is designed for allied health professionals who provide treatments the personal injury and workers compensation schemes and explores the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services (presented by TAC and Worksafe Victoria and supported by national compensation regulatory bodies.

The course will explore how you can leverage your personal attributes and humanity to level up your consultancy and return to the purest form of rehabilitation.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding and interpreting the Clinical Framework for Delivery of Health Services
  • Navigating the various workers compensation and personal injury schemes
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders to obtain approval for your treatment plan
  • Discussing outcomes with stakeholders
  • Aligning your treatment goals with the rehabilitation goal

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