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PRODUCT: Mentoring session with Rhea Mercado

DATE: We’ll contact you to arrange a date and time after we receive your order.

DURATION: 1.5 hours

LOCATION:  Virtual session via videoconference or telephone

MENTOR: Rhea Mercado

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Why have a mentor?

They can give you guidance, be a sounding board and create a safe space to chat about your ideas, dreams and goals

Rhea’s mentoring specialties are:

  • Maintaining balance to maintain your well-being
  • Building a business which places the humans at the heart of decision making
  • Creating safe spaces to experiment, explore, create and imagine new ways to personalise your work flow
  • Exploring and working through challenges in your career
  • Helping you to improve your knowledge of the personal injury schemes

Find out more about Rhea Mercado and her work at www.rheamercado.com