People often ask, “Rhea, why do you love working in workers comp so much?” Here’s my response.

I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with people over the past 3 to 4 weeks specifically about the Spirit of the System”. (Although I wish I had coined this phrase, I will give naming rights James Ellis)

When you strip down compensation and for what it stands, the system is inherently good. It is a system that enables and allows people who have been injured at work access to the best medical care available to them, and to be compensated with some of their wages whilst they recover.

It certainly is not a perfect system, but generally, it is a good one.

Whether we are medical professionals, claims managers, scheme agents, rehabilitation consultants, or employers, where we tend to fail is in the delivery of our service.

Being the glass half full type person that I am – I believe this is also where we can shine.

The combination of access to the system, sound medical care, and ethical practice can lead to recovery and resolution. There is a fantastic opportunity in compo that enables us to help people. Although, it’s not always possible for a person to make a full medical recovery, it’s ALWAYS possible for them to be supported into the next stage of their life.

The spirit of the system is one of humanity, care, and compassion.

When we choose to keep this at the forefront of our minds, then we can uphold the Spirit of the System.

And…this is why I love working in compo.