Where everybody knows your name…

This year marks a lot of exciting changes for the team at Threesticks.

We are full-steam ahead with our professional development course offerings. Check out our snazzy video at the end of this post…

During 2020, I had the privilege of spending lots of time on the telephone and on Zoom chatting with friends and colleagues about life, and work, and our children, and what makes us smile.

2020 further highlighted the need for more support rehab consultants and clinicians working in compensation. There was a recurring theme about needing more help with day-to-day processes, case strategy, or simply just who to call for assistance.

Plenty of comments about friendly and well-intentioned team leaders and managers, who just didn’t have the time to spend training new staff, or the patience to have an intensive case review.

(Again) the pressure of reaching one’s billable hours seemed to be the top grievance, and the never-ending “just friendly reminders” about submitting monthly reports, and completing custom fields. We get it – bills and salaries need to be paid.

It’s actually from these chats over the past many years, and during 2020 that the Threesticks Professional Development Courses were conceived.

The main aim was to provide my colleagues with a forum where they had time to learn and reflect, had an opportunity to brainstorm and gather their thoughts, and a place to challenge their beliefs. All this in a room with 10 other people who likely have the same questions as they do, and with whom, together, they might be able to find some answers.

A Threesticks course is where we build community.

It is a place where we encourage discussion, where we value opinions, and where we share stories and experiences.

Come and join our community and share your experience.